our story

You know that unshakeable faith of the Brazilian people?This story is no different. 

A project that started with good wine and became reality in one of the most tenebrous periods of our present time: the coronavirus pandemic. Everything was going to be done calmly and in parallel with my life as a cultural producer and the work of my ex partner. However, a pandemic invaded the life of the whole world and reallocated all the plans. Soon, we were out of our works and what seemed like a distant project, manifested itself as the only chance to grab. We sat down and studied how to set up a shop from scratch and, at that moment, with no money. Between loans, visits to spaces, meetings with possible suppliers and great friends who supported us, Barro was creating concept and form.

As soon as I entered Rua da Silva, known as Green Street, I was overwhelmed by its energy, the friendly and the community spirity of its neighbours, and of course the beauty of this street so green. From the beginning there was a fixed idea in the classic clay pots, simple and minimal, and everything fitted with the idea of the shop being mainly clothing, but with a pleasant atmosphere that only plants give.

 The name Barro, which in Portuguese means “clay”, was chosen because it was so inspiring. Made of earth, basically a single element, clay is simple, organic and capable of creating beauty in multiple forms.

about me

My name is Caroline Costa Fanjul, I'm from Ribeirão Preto, country town of São Paulo, Brazil. I graduated in Advertising and Marketing and worked in the area until 2011 when I went to Rio de Janeiro and I started a press office for actors. In 2016 I went to live in Lisbon, a city I fell in love with. I worked as a cultural producer until the beginning of the pandemic and in September 2020 I launched Barro Store.